Month: April 2013

CRP Controlled Burn

Over the weekend we were able to burn the CRP ground that provides a buffer along a small creek on one of our farms.  The weather was perfect for a burn with a light breeze to push the flames.  It is amazing how quickly the old

Planter is Rolling

The planter, sprayer, cultivator, and anhydrous tool bar are all rolling today.  Happy Farming!

Just Say “Go!”

The calm before the storm. The flash of lightning before the roar of thunder. “On your marks” before the sound of the starting gun. All of these phrases capture the aura around LongView Farms today. We are ready for the

iPad/Tablet Training

Although we are not able to get into the field, we are busy preparing for the upcoming spring season. Here at LongView Farms iPads and tablets are used to track our use of inputs. Today we are brushing up on

Weather is keepin us in, but not slowing us down

The weather has stopped our NH3 application, but it isn’t slowing us down a bit.  We’re staying busy in the new shop and taking advantage of every square foot of the building. We currently have two water tankers, two seed


Anhydrous ammonia application is beginning here at LongView. We’ll see if the weather will cooperate over the next week or so. If nothing else, we’ll have everything calibrated today so when the weather turns in our favor we’ll be able