Month: April 2014

Rain Delay

After a few long days of planting under our belt, the rain is providing us with a much needed break.  There are a couple things that need to be fixed and a rainy day is a perfect excuse to get

Snow in April

This morning we were greeted with SNOW following the  2.5 inches of rain that fell over the weekend. After a beautiful 80 degree day a couple days ago, snow was the last thing we wanted to see. The wind is

Applying Anhydrous

Spring field work has officially begun! The guys just finished hooking up the anhydrous applicator to start the application process in the fields.

It’s Almost Time!

Today we are anxiously preparing for field work that we are hoping to start late next week. Crossing our fingers the weather holds up!

Celebrating Cal

Earlier this week we were able to take some time to celebrate Cal’s 30 years of hard work and dedication to LongView Farms. Friends and neighbors came out to enjoy the celebration with us. We are very happy to have