Month: June 2014

And More Rain

More rain in Central Iowa last night.   Rain gauges show 1.3 to 2.5 inches depending on the farm.   It makes for some interesting clouds, but the ponds are growing.

More Rain

Took the picture just before the rain hit again.. Will the rain ever stop? My internship here at LongView Farms is coming to an end, so this is the last crop picture you’ll get from me for awhile. It has

Crop Growth

With all the rain we have been getting lately, the crops have been growing like crazy. Our rain totals are up to 5″ after yesterday. Corn is at 4 ft….Beans are 13″   

Visitors from China

Last week, ADM brought people from China for a production tour of our operation. They found the big equipment interesting and took lots of pictures. We enjoyed having them here and showing them around!

“Rain Makes Grain”

Our fields are a bit wet after the 2-3″ of rain over the last 3 days, but we are thankful that we have missed the worst of the storms.  With the water, heat, and high humidity these crops are going

Crop Update

We recently finished spraying our corn and bean crops as well as wrapped up with the picking up of rocks for the year… Now we are hoping for some rain! The corn is rapidly growing as it has grown 20″