Month: July 2014

Taking a Break from Field Work

We are wrapping up our detasseling and spraying at LongView Farms.  The nice weather has made these jobs easier.  The more relaxed pace has allowed everyone to have a little more fun, including participating in the Zearing tractor pull.  

Dead Corn

Dead corn is a good thing when it is in our beans!

Off-Farm Work

Every day is different at LongView Farms.  Steve recently had the opportunity to speak before a group of producers from across the United States during meetings held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The preparation for the meeting allowed us to improve

Tassels and Silks

There is great beauty in a maturing corn field with stalks sporting their tassels and silks.

Goodbye Weeds, Hello Water

It is always nice to see things work.  We were thankful to get the spraying done between rains and now we can see the results as the weeds begin to die. But the deluge of water in Story County has

Surprise Visitors

We had fun today with the Colo Tractor Riders who changed their route bringing them past the LongView shop after 1 1/2″ of rain last night.  The annual ride is part of the Colo Cross Roads festivities.    

Bean Update

The wet weather has not made it easy on the beans.  Where water was standing for several days, the beans have all died leaving black ugly holes in the fields.  In other areas, the repeated rains have left the bean


The outhouses have been delivered to the seed corn fields and the buses have started to bring in the first of the “field invaders” ….  roughers wearing safety orange are starting to walk the seed corn fields to removed any

Tassels and Flowers

It was nice to return from the July 4th holiday to see the corn starting to tassel and the beans flowering.

A Soggy 4th of July

More storms rolled through central Iowa yesterday adding 1.5 – 3″ of rain to our already water-logged fields.  We are grateful that the majority of our fields missed the high winds and hail that was up closer to Roland, however