Month: September 2014

Bean Harvest Underway

Last Friday we FINALLY started bean harvest after a surprise rain delay where we received nearly 1/2″ of rain.  With the combines running all weekend it is finally starting to look and feel like fall around here!

Tillage Work

With the seed corn harvested we have been able to get in with our fall fertilizer and tillage work.  Sunday was a beautiful day to get work done.  With two tractors working we made good progress.

Preparing for Harvest

Last night everyone helping with this year’s harvest gathered for training and equipment updates.  We have a great crew this year with many familiar faces as well as some new ISU students who have joined our team.

Home Place Harvested

Walking the lane behind our house was especially fun last night with the combines picking the seed corn as Alley and I walked by.  What a beautiful day for harvest!  We are probably still a week away from starting beans,

Seed Corn Harvest Underway

Finally!  Some of this year’s crop is coming out of the field.  With all of the late summer rain and cool weather, commercial corn and bean harvest won’t start for a week or more. The seed corn picking process is

Cover Crop Seeding

The pilot found a great day to seed the cover crop on Cassabaum’s farm south of Nevada.  The winter rye and red clover were seeded by the plane while the current year’s crop is still in the field.  If the