Month: October 2014

Film Crew Makes Farming Look Fun

A film crew has been making farming interesting at LongView Farms this weekend.  They have been capturing the harvest action up close and personal. No, that is not a speck of dust above the combine…it is a camera shooting pictures

CORN … Finally!

We began harvesting corn on October 16 and it has been stop and start ever since then.  The moisture in the corn has been slowly dropping below 20%, but the corn still needs to go into a dryer bin before

Rain Delays Final Bean Harvest

On Monday we received over 2″ of rain!  That is enough to pull us out of the field for a few days.  Our commercial beans are out and in the bins, but there are a couple of seed bean fields

Harvest on Hold

Nearly an inch of rain, a day of fog, and more rain on the radar has put harvest on hold.  It is a good time to bring the combine and bean heads in the shed for some fine-tuning.  We will