Precision Planting Training

Today we hosted a precision planting training course which is part of a beta-testing management program called Fieldscripts. All of the farmers who were selected for this opportunity in our area attended, as well as Key Co-op representatives and Precision Planting staff members. We will be testing a variable rate planting prescription this season that will be accessed through a “cloud” database. By using an I-Pad, we will “pull” the planting prescriptions from the cloud into our 20/20 monitors. The I-Pad will not only be a tool to access the cloud, but also act as an accurate coverage display. With the I-Pad, we will be be able to see exactly where every seed is placed and where each seed is placed in relation to other seeds. This will all be happening in real-time as we’re planting. There are many, many other intricacies to this system that we’re excited about and if you have any question regarding the Fieldscripts beta-testing please contact us or stop on by.

Class in the Conference Room

Posted in 2013