Don Williams

The planters are going strong on the 16th day in May, and one of the reasons they are able to push so hard is Don Williams.  I had the pleasure to ride with Don as he turned over black soil and prepared the seed bed for the planters.  As I watched Don maneuver the 60′ field cultivator around tile intakes and along tree lines, I couldn’t help but be impressed with his smooth precision and pin-point accuracy. Along with possessing great operating skills, Don also has a tremendous work ethic.  Observing Don work you wouldn’t believe that he is more than 3 times my age (I’m 24).  I hope that I’m still working like Don when I’m his age! When it is time to plant, Don is always blazing the trail ahead of the planters. We’re very thankful to have Don here at LongView Farms, and he is an example to us all in his work ethic and positive attitude.

Don operating the field cultivator


Don adjusting the depth of the field cultivator

Posted in 2013