Rain Delays Final Bean Harvest

On Monday we received over 2″ of rain!  That is enough to pull us out of the field for a few days.  Our commercial beans are out and in the bins, but there are a couple of seed bean fields yet to be combined.  With this rain delay, we may switch over to corn as soon as the field conditions permit.  Yields for the bean fields ranged from 42 to 72, with the more eastern fields having far better yields than the farms closer to Nevada.  Rain fall amounts and soil type differences really do make a big difference!

As with most rain delays, everyone gets a much needed break and we can get caught up on our equipment maintenance.

Mike fixing a part

JR welding so we will be ready for more fall tillage after the corn is harvested.

Jerry working on the tractor. Compaction will be a big issue after this rain so we are especially grateful for track tires on our tractors.