Home Place Harvested

Walking the lane behind our house was especially fun last night with the combines picking the seed corn as Alley and I walked by.  What a beautiful day for harvest!  We are probably still a week away from starting beans,

Seed Corn Harvest Underway

Finally!  Some of this year’s crop is coming out of the field.  With all of the late summer rain and cool weather, commercial corn and bean harvest won’t start for a week or more. The seed corn picking process is

Cover Crop Seeding

The pilot found a great day to seed the cover crop on Cassabaum’s farm south of Nevada.  The winter rye and red clover were seeded by the plane while the current year’s crop is still in the field.  If the

Harvest Preparations

Nothing better than a raining morning to work on getting equipment ready for harvest. Jerry and Mike change the tires on a tractor. Cal is under the semi tractor making adjustments.

Male Corn Destruction Completed

The LongView Farms team has completed the destruction of the male rows in the seed corn fields.  This must be done after pollination to remove the unwanted seed variety before harvest, leaving only the desired seed in the field. This

Brazilian Visitors Study Soybean Cyst Nematode Management

Nearly 30 agronomists involved in seed production in Brazil were visitors to LongView Farms this week where they learned more about the life cycle of the most destructive pest of soybeans in the world – the soybean cyst nematode.

Taking a Break from Field Work

We are wrapping up our detasseling and spraying at LongView Farms.  The nice weather has made these jobs easier.  The more relaxed pace has allowed everyone to have a little more fun, including participating in the Zearing tractor pull.  

Dead Corn

Dead corn is a good thing when it is in our beans!

Off-Farm Work

Every day is different at LongView Farms.  Steve recently had the opportunity to speak before a group of producers from across the United States during meetings held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  The preparation for the meeting allowed us to improve

Tassels and Silks

There is great beauty in a maturing corn field with stalks sporting their tassels and silks.